Tyler is also in this supergroup.

Bible Black Tyrant is a musical endeavor between three American musicians., a documentation of sonic, magmatic release. The group contains members of Eagle Twin, Lumbar, KVØID, Form of Rocket, Minor Fret, Wasting Seasons, Iamthethorn.

Bible-burning heathenry, lyrical content influenced by the essays of Anton Szandor LaVey.

Vinyl available February of 2018 via the Cheddar Brothers record label, with a CD version available February of 2018 via Argonauta Records, and a cassette version available February of 2018 via Anima Recordings.

Drums documented by Andy Patterson at The Boar’s Nest. Guitar and bass documented by Aaron Edge at Myelin Studio. Vocals, additional guitar and soundscapes documented by David Fylstra at Candlewolfe Sound. Drum mix by Andy Patterson. Final mix by David Fylstra and Aaron Edge at Candlewolfe Sound. Mastered by Zach Weeks.





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